So I’d like to let everyone here know my story and see if there are any other similar cases. So bought my 17 turbo in November went to KOH and some other local places and my home playground (pismo) got about 650 miles on it. Went on a trip to Winchester bay with some buddy’s for a week and blew the motor first ride! We were on a “kids” ride so leading/following 5 year old on tri zinger 50 and 10 year old with on a 250 so just “cruising”. It started making this spratic knocking noise thought something was in belt cover, nope it had NO OIL!!! Had someone ride back get some oil and filled it back up. No knock at idle okay good let’s try to get back to camp. Knocking started in about 4500 rpm and got worse and started losing power got into a flat and waited for someone to bring me a trailer. Stared at the thing all week next to my toy hauler knowing it’s FUBAR. It blew up trying to load it in trailer the morning we left. It’s sat at the dealer since July 14th and Polaris is giving my dealer a hard time to get a new motor. Dealer takes good care of me and is telling me they will get me a new motor no matter what it takes. So any other 17s blown up? And yes old was checked before it was loaded in toy hauler before the trip. First service had just been performed by dealer. Dealer is saying the bolts on the crank end of the rods we’re Ethier left lose from factory or over tightened.

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