Been searching all over for this with little success. Heard maybe 10:1 in high range?

What is the actual gear reduction in the RZR turbo transmission?

I know the the gearing was different from 16 to 17.

I’m looking for the numbers in high and low range.

How many times does the input shaft (secondary clutch attaches to it) need to rotate in order to spin the axle shaft?

The info I have gathered says the differential ratio is 3.53:1.

I saw where someone said 29/44 (1.52) and 27/46 (1.70) are high range gears between the 16 and 17 (16 is geared lower or numerically higher).

I am assuming the transmission has an initial gear reduction (I don’t know that ratio) times the high range ratio times the 3.53 gear ratio will give me my final reduction in high range.

Thanks for the help!

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