I finished my air to air intercooler and been tuning the meth injection. The intercooler keeps intake temps about 10 degrees above ambient and heats up about 30 degrees over on a hard pull. With the meth I can keep the temps at or just below ambient and it’s insane. It can be a real hand full when you step on it. I’m using a 175ml per min nozzle and just trickle it in at 14 psi boost for normal riding. I’m running big injector 95 octane Aftermarket Assassinations tune. When I want to really push it I bring the meth on at 8 psi and full at 14. It’s a noticeable difference. I’m still tuning the clutch and most likely will be purchasing a STM. I’m going give the stock clutch a good shot, I’m running heelclickers stabilizer. Next I’m going machine the primary down to adjust the belt to sheeve clearance. I made some shims to set belt deflection and get rid of the e-clip. Big tires, a spare, and a winch bumper make it heavy. I tried a very stiff secondary spring and ended up pulling the belt apart and punching a hole in the rear clutch cover, again. Belt temps run about 180 right now and RPMs are on the high side. I’m thinking the belt is slipping on the primary. Im going throw some more weight at it.

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