Im getting to almost the boiling point with this 2018 Turbo XP. I bought it last fall and have spent a pile of money on upgrades and accessories. Here’s the issue. Late last fall, while riding thru the trails at a nominal speed, not punching the throttle or abusing the machine, the belt just dynomited and blew apart,…taking out the inner(aluminum) and outer plastic belt casing with it. I took the machine to the dealer as it is still under warranty. They took it apart and called me to tell me what it needed and that the manufacturer says they arent going to cover it because I must have been abusing the machine and/or taking off in high range. To this, I got really pissed off and called Polaris in the states and gave them an earfull. After a few changes of people to talk to/yell at,…they agreed to fix it as long as I paid for the belt itself. I agreed. The belt was 290 bucks or thereabouts up here in Ontario. The whole repair would have been 1200 dollars. Keep in mind,…I still had the stock tires on it at this time. Flash forward to this summer/fall. I take the machine out for a ride and the shifter cable breaks mid way somewhere under the floor, and the frt diff starts making noise. I pulled it into my shop and figured Id service the diffs and engine. When I drained the frt diff,…it had lots of water in the oil. Creamy milkshake. So since it had to go back to the dealer for a cable under warranty,….I asked the dealer about the new tires I had just put on it and if they caused any issue with the diff, and they said no, but recommended that I put a clutch kit in the machine to save the belt. Okay,…go ahead I told them. I just got this unit back from that service 3 weeks ago and havent really had time to get it out untill today. So I have the machine in low 2 wheel drive,…and the ground is soft and muddy,…greasy if you get my drift,….I got on the throttle a bit,…and WHAM BOOM!!!!!! The belt blows apart again and also again, takes out the inner aluminum casing that is a bitch to get at and very expensive. Im betting they wont want to do this same repair under warranty the second time.
The machine is still under warranty until nov 2019, since I paid for the best warranty money can buy. Im beside myself at this point,…and getting very pissed off at this Polaris. Maybe a new Canned ham is in the forecast….

In the meantime,…does anybody else have any insight as to a much stronger belt or ideas why this unit is doing this? This is belt number 3 and when it blows,…its really exploding stuff. I watch the off road races all the time on tv and I can assure anybody that I am not driving this machine near as hard as these race guys are,…and they seem to get more mileage out of a belt. This thing only has just over 1000 K’ miles on it. Thats like 600 miles.
A belt should last more than 300 miles,….no? :rollfinger::rollfinger::rollfinger::rollfinger::r ollfinger::rollfinger::rollfinger::rollfinger::rol lfinger:

Forgot to give info. Clutch kit installed is a Dalton. Tires are now sti outbacks which are very aggressive mud tires but dealer seen them and installed the kit accordingly. This dealer has a good reputation also.

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