One of the main components that contribute to getting the power to the ground is the clutch, Unfortunally the stock oem clutch needs some help, first off you need to have the slider inserts to keep the primary clutch from eating itself up and failing here is the link : RZR 2016-Up XP Turbo Clutch Slider Savers – RZR XP Turbo – Polaris – UTV

These work great.

Next is getting the set up correct throughout the shifting range, this is not an easy task, people take this for granted, when our company was testing and sponsoring the 2010 WORCS winner, we spent day’s ! Getting the setup on the clutch dialed in, so this is not a walk in the park to get a combined setup to work correctly.

I am presently running a BMP set up, I have just installed their clutch kit, weights, springs, both primary and secondary, and run a stage 3 with 100 octane fuel. I had the weights already and the rzrxpt just seemed kinda dead in the midrange for making the power it was making, it was sluggish, once I installed the springs and new sliders and did some tinkering with the weight set up to be able to maintain 8250 in the RPM range, which by the way is where you want to be for the peak horsepower and torque of the rzrxpt.

Depending on what tires you have, I have the 29” big horns and run 4.1.1 on the weights, after getting all of this dialed in, I must say that the shifting and quickness is excellent in comparison prior to the spring change, BMP did a very nice job on getting this setup and it works! It should be fun to see how this set up pairs up against the new X3? Put it this way with this current xpt setup if it loses to the X3,

I am jumping ship and buying a X3 LOL will see! “ I seriously doubt that will happen”

Other things to consider when modifying your xpt, the current turbo is limited, meaning that at about 16 lbs it starts loosing efficiency and at that point you start to get more heat rather than boost, so in order to make more power without more heat your looking at a big turbo and I would build the motor at that point, Carrillo Rods, Pistons, ARP studs, change the cooling system to remove the inner cooler off the front of the radiator and relocate it in the hood.

Currently I have the brushless Spal fan installed and it’s working, but in 90 degree days in the dunes, I still have to let it cool between runs or it get’s hot, so it’s not really fixed yet! But it will be later this year as I re fabricate and move the inner cooler to get it away from the radiator.

Thanks again BMP nice setup :clap:

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