So I checked the 3 bolts behind my primary and to my surprise all were over hand tight. I loosened all with ratchet and took them out. One was really hard to get loose. After examining the threads were stripped out but bolt was fine. The other 2 I put red loctite and torqued to 10ft lb. I retapped the hole hoping I would get lucky and tried with the original bolt, it would slide in and out of threads and then you could turn it about 1 turn and it would get hand tight, but as soon as you spun with ratchet you could see it was stripped so I cleaned threads again and put a little longer of a bolt and got it torqued to 8ft lb and tried to turn little more and it went down to about 7ft lb so I just stopped. And I put a healthy amount of red loctite on this last one. My question is has anyone had this problem. These threads are in the case so kind of limited options. Don’t know if it should be good to run this way or if I should drill out and put helicoil in. Sorry for the long post just wanted to be thorough.

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