Hey gents,

I’m looking at buying a new 2016 XPT and after reading up on here (what a great resource and community, BTW!) had a couple of questions.

Wondering if others think the resale of these will stay close to the same as what new 2016’s are currently selling for come spring 2017? I can buy this 2016 for ~$21,500 CAD out the door + tax ($16,400 USD)… which seems like a steal.

Also wondering how I can talk the dealership I’m looking at buying from to do the clutch and fan upgrades before I buy the RZR. Does anyone have those service bulletins and/or have lines that have worked for them in the past? My sales guy is basically saying he doesn’t know what I’m talking about and is defaulting to we wouldn’t be able to sell it if the recalls weren’t done (which I get, but that’s just the ECU update and oil line, IIRC).

Anywho – really appreciate all the help the lot of you have already been 🙂 .



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