Had my belt blow at 100 miles. Had the dealer change the belt and asked them to check clutch alignment from the factory as i heard it was sometimes bad. Got it back everything seemed ok, so I ordered a razorback gauge so I could keep an eye on temps. Took off the clutch cover to install it today and find this piece of the clutch broken. I’m new to cvts so not sure what it is? Is it part of the weights because I’d like to do a clutch kit but if this is a piece that doesn’t change I’d have dealer hopefully fix it under warranty before I do the clutch kit. I broke in the belt in low doing several heat cycles like it says. Then I really only plowed the driveway and took it around the house and I didn’t notice anything until I just pulled the cover and saw. It only has 116 miles and like I said dealer had it at 100 miles when they changed the belt.

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