I have a 17 XP Turbo. Got back from a great ride in Moab. I pulled off my clutch cover to clean the inside. Cover off and I was very happy with how every thing was looking. Belt looked perfect. No black belt dust anywhere. I took my air hose and began to blow out all the area inside the clutch. As soon as I blew into the primary clutch I hit the mother load of Moab fine dust. The clutch looked very clean before I hit it with air. I was amazed with how much crude was hiding inside the clutch. I could only imagine if I would have just done a wipe down and never used the air I would have all that crude rubbing against the metal parts and wearing them out quickly.

The outer filter did its job as far as not letting anything big get to the clutch but the dust that got into the clutch was enough to cause problems long term. A little maintenance goes a long ways to keeping the machine happy.

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