I ordered a 2017 XP 1000 Turbo from Tri-County Polaris in Cincinnati, Ohio on 11/26/2016 during small business day. I put down $13,700.00 in cash and was told by the dealer that Polaris was telling him that it would ship on 12/13/2016 and that he would get it on 12/15/2016. Now Polaris is telling him that the delivery will be mid January. My wife surprised me with a new rzr twice for Christmas and I want to surprise her with her own.

All of the closest Polaris dealers surrounding this dealership received the same unit on 12/9/2016. Those dealerships had no deposits on the units and have still not sold one. Those dealerships will not dealer trade with Tri-County. I have bought many items from Tri-County Polaris and want to keep my business with them. After calling Polaris customer service about the situation they said that it is out of their hands. How can that be? I had a similar situation with Suzuki and Cycle Specialties last year and they bent over backwards to resolve the issue promptly.

Anyone have similar issues or know how to speed things up?

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