I installed a DynoJet Vision CX ECM tuner in my 2017 XP Turbo an cannot be happier. The two stock tunes it came with are kinda generic so I installed four levels of custom tunes downloaded into the Vision CX that are specifically for my 2017 RZR Turbo purchased from Aftermarket Assassins. Wow, all I can say is, on level 3 my RZR hits so hard it nearly pulls a wheelie on pavement. You can really tell it’s nearly 18lbs of boost because I can hear the Shhhhh when I let off after a full power pull. Never heard it before from the stock 12lbs of boost. But now with to nearly 18lbs it’s a huge difference and you can hear the wastegate release air into the stock airbox. Such a cool sound going Shhhhh. When I can get some 110 octane fule, I will try the level 4 tune and enjoy nearly a 40 hp boost over stock. Combined with the new Trinity Stage 5 exhaust I am so happy, worth ever cent. Michael Hurd at Aftermarket Assasins is a stand up guy and responds to emails when you have questions, very refreshing to deal with such a legit Company.Attachment 422457Attachment 422465Attachment 422473

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