OK, I am looking for an answer for this issue cuz it has me scratching my head.
I have recently been data logging and I am seeing an issue that I haven’t been able to figure out. Hoping someone can tell me what the underlaying issue is.

What I am seeing is that when I put my foot into it the engine revs up to about 8400-8500 rpms and then within 1-2 seconds the ECU limits the machine to around 8000 rpm. Regardless of what tune I run, what octane I run, my clutch setup or engine temps it stays the same.
The boost seems to be staying stable around 16PSI, the pre and post Tmap sensors seem to be in a normal range but I have done quick pulls with low engine temps to test an over temp charge temp and nothing seems to change.

I have pulled weight out of the primary and it didn’t make a difference, the ECU is controlling the RPM and is seeing something it doesn’t like I guess.

Hoping someone knows what is going on???

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