I think I have the XP Turbo ready for the season.

  • New rear springs, real cross-over ring added, revalved all by Ed “The Suspension Guy” (recall, I actually have the Walkers off my XP1000 on the Turbo, though the fronts were already custom ordered/built 2.5″ units with Ed’s spring rates and valving and real cross-overs, it was time to bring the rear up to snuff – better performance than the Turbo’s Foxs and much lighter)
  • Completely removed front sway bar (they just don’t work on these cars)
  • New adjustable rear sway bar (the XPT has as softer rear sway bar stock than a XP1000, with the front removed I wanted to add some roll-resistance in the rear, this bar starts at ~33% stiffer than an XP1000 bar and goes up 2 positions from there)
  • Desert Molding Concepts CVT cooling kit
  • STM Intercooler Heat Exchanger Kit (has a new heat exchanger core that is much thicker and moves it into the bed with a dedicated fan, completely divorces the heat exchanger and engine coolant circuits so there no heat transfer between them and allows for all of the fresh air at the front of the car to go directly to the radiator)
  • BMP Primary and Secondary clutch springs, adjusted weights on BMP clutch weight kit for Level 4 Tune
  • BMP Level 4 tune (up from a high of running his Level 3 last year)
  • Replaced Razorback Technology belt temp guage with new “2.0” gauge. My 1.0 had failed and the 2.0 has a new, clearer display that adds average and peak belt temp displays as well as a LED that changes color based on belt temp range (i.e. it goes red when it’s too hot). I must say I’m a little disappointed with Razorback on this one. My 1.0 had failed, and they did offer a $30 credit on that, and to be fair it was wired non-fused so it could have been a spike that killed it (it’s fused now). That’s not the part that bothers me, what bothers me is they didn’t bother to tell me the 3.0 was about to come out and has an all-metal housing and is fully waterproof. My RZRs get ridden in the rain and power-washed, I would have held-off for the new one had I known
  • Changed all fluids with Amsoil
  • Flushed/bled brakes
  • Fresh belt
  • General clean up and maintenance
  • Probably a bunch of other crap I’m forgetting

Hopefully it’s all ready to go now and will serve Melissa well all season (it’s her dune ride, I just use it if the my LS7 Potter rail goes down, so hopefully I don’t need it all year). A few pics…

Coming back from the recall work:

Back on the dune shoes:

Belt cooling:

STM heat exchanger:


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