I have three questions about installing PRP 5.3×2 seatbelts in my two seat 2017 XPT. There were no instructions in the box for installing in a RZR, nothing on the PRP website, calling PRP was no help, and all the YouTube videos were for older RZRs.
1. For the attachment points under the center console, the mounting bolts are “perpendicular” or 90 off from the direction the belt should be mounted. To use the stock mounting location, the seatbelt will need to twist 90 deg. within the first few inches to make it through the center console. It seems like the metal end of the belt should have been made with a 90 degree attachment bracket so the belt would come through the console correctly to line up with the opening and align with the hips. Won’t it weaken the belt to twist it 90 degree in the sewn area?
2. The rubber seal for the stock seat belt “post” only has a ½ inch hole through it. Should I cut the rubber seal to fit the 3 inch wide strap, or not use the seals at all and just leave the 3×1 ½ opening where the belt will come through
3. For the 5th point strap, there’s one bolt in the floor offset from center. Is that where the strap should be mounted, or does a hole need to be drilled and a bolt and nut added somewhere?

Thank you for your guidance! I’d rather ask now than just “wing it” and find out the hard way I should have done it differently.

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