Hello, I have seen some pretty crazy videos on U Tube showing all kinds of off road vehicles running in deep ass water and mostly making it out again. I think my manual for my new Razor says water to the floor board is fine, but mine and I’m sure yours have caps in the floor boards to remove for draining water out.

I know water in floor board is nothing, but in a stock Turbo Razor do any of you go deeper than the floor board? What I would like to know is, if for some reason I found my self in three feet of water with a solid enough bottom to mow right thru, would that be a bad thing?

All I know about is the drain plug in the belt drive case. I wouldn’t normally try water that deep but I’m dumb enough to get into it any way. Normally will draining the drive case after I get out be enough to go on and not screw the pooch?

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