Hi, this is my first post, and I want to thank you all for allowing me here. I live in San Antonio, and l traded in my 2012 Kawasaki Concours and paid a huge pile of money “to me” last week for the first 2017 Turbo Razor Alamo Cycle Plex is getting.

I bought a new 570 Ace as well for my wife, and almost $4.000 worth of accessories for the both of them. I paid cash because the dealer said it would speed up Polaris once they know they have a unit already paid for in full.

The bike shop says the manufacturers let the dealers have the machines on credit allowing a certain amount of “floor time” to each dealer to sell them. He said other wise it would take millions up front to keep a proper inventory.

I already have a 2015 Polaris Ranger 900 XP and its a most capable machine. While out at Hidden Falls, a cool 3000 acre ranch near here with every kind of trail and hill you can imagine, I saw lots of Razors and got to really see them in action by some guys that knew what they were doing.

I fell in love with how easily they went over some mean ass terrain seemingly with out notice. None were turbos. I am a speed freek to the max, and expect to be impressed by this new Turbo Razor. I talked to Polaris today, asking about when my machine will be in my hands.

I also went to the dealer today and had them check there computer. It shows Polaris knows the “Red” machine is mine! They know its paid for, and its ready to ship.

The guy at Polaris said the same, adding that until the minute the crate with my RZR is loaded in the truck, no VIN# is available. Only after its loaded, then my dealer is given the VIN #, and that’s when they will call me to let me know its on the way.

I have my trailer on back of the pickup out in front of the house, ready to rock soon as the call comes “if it ever does”!

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