I love riding my XPT. Never had any over heating from the engine but did from the belt. I have a Razorback belt temp gauge so keeping track of the belt temp was easy to do. I decided to get a MTNTK Blow Hole blower. I love it. Easy to install and extremely easy to hook up to power. It made a difference in the belt temp.

I then starting reading about the Desertcraft CVT Blaster ll. I liked every thing I read about it. So I decided to go ahead and install it. No where as easy to install as the Blow Hole. Takes as long to wire up as to install the rest of the CVT Blaster ll. The CVT Blaster ll works extremely well. I like that I can turn it on and off when I need it.

Went for a good ride on the street. With both systems on the belt temp never went over 185. Outside temp was 98 so it was a warm day. The part I really liked was when I would have to stop at a light. Normally the belt temp would rise between 10-15 degrees. With both systems on the belt temp only went up 5 degrees and the temp dropped much faster while I was idling.

Is this over kill, yes. But now I can ride the machine very hard and not worry about the belt temp. One really nice side effect from my set up is the clutch stays much cleaner.

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