I do a lot of driving through forest areas at night specifically to spot animals. I don’t kill them, I’m just fascinated by them. My rzr 1000 turbo red has rigid headlights that are very bright. I’m wanting to add more lighting for better vision at maybe 45 degrees off center of road both sides. I’m also wanting a small light bar on either side 90 degrees out.
So headlights straight down road, one light bar center of roof down center of road, two light bars pointing off at 45 degrees each side and two light bars each side 90 degrees. I’m looking at 12” Cree 50 watt spot/flood combo single row light bars.
So, 250 watts total if all are on plus headlights. The lights say they draw 10-30 amps each. So 50-150 amps. Would the electrical system on my rzr handle this? I do have a deep cycle 550 cca battery I was thinking about adding as second battery. Any thoughts and ideas welcome. I drive this rzr more like a Jeep and like it to be dependable. Thanks

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