I am about to sell my RZR 800s and buy a Rzr 1000 or an XPT. I live in Prescott AZ and I go to the Cinders in Flagstaff, Imperial sand dunes, Wickenberg, and lots of national forest trail riding as well. I am way ready for a performance upgrade as my 800 is a real pig in the Cinders. I am also slowly getting better at the big dunes and need performance there. Of course the dunes don’t have the altitude issue that Flagstaff has. I am totally leaning towards the XPT, especially considering Flagstaff. My concern with the XPT is reliability and upkeep. My rzr800s has 5000+ miles on it and 300 hours and has NEVER Broke except I had to replace the fuel pump. I am truly impressed and probably lucky, it’s just been a great machine for me. And I drive it pretty hard. I jump it in the dunes and have bottomed it many times, I rock crawl and bottom it hard (full skid plates), I hold the pedal to the metal in the washes down in Wickenberg, I climb the steepest dunes and cinders it will do. I have done a bunch of mods to it, nothing too technical. I have spent time as a professional wrench so I can handle pretty much any wrenching or mods to my machine, BUT I do not want to be repairing it, and modding it for reliability sake all the time! I did a nice custom air intake system on my 800 because the factory air filter setup was no good in the AZ dust. It annoys the crap out of me when I have to mod a new vehicle just so it wont hurt itself, but been there, done that and I expect at least some of that. Sounds like I will have to do the clutch shims on the XPT at a minimum.
So what I would love to hear some experienced opinions of folks who have owned 1000’s and XPT’s and especially anyone who has owned both??

I do also like to trail ride with the wife so a soft ride AND good handling when I ride hard is important. My understanding is if I get the 1000 I will need to upgrade the shocks, but I would not have to mod the shocks on the XPT?

Thanks in advance!! I am about to spend some big $$ and want to make the right choice!

Mad Matt

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