I would like to start out by saying that overall i am very happy with my rzr turbo and was fortunate enough to not have any of the major issues that some are experiencing”yet”. I just came back from a mud derby on Saturday and was rather annoyed with the low gear speed limiter. I now find needing to run high gear much more often. Infact i was not able to climb a bank with a mud hole at the bottom of it. I went through the mudhole with some speed and then throttled up the bank. Half way up the bank it hit the limiter cutting power way down. The tires were spinning faster than i was traveling. I wound up sliding back down and getting stuck in the hole and having to winch myself out. I took another run with more speed and the same thing happened but luckily i had just enough speed to get my front wheels to crest and then the power came back and i was able to get all the way over. I feel like having to run in high gear more often will only hurt the belt life and clutches… Which we all know sucks already. Anyone else experiencing this? My solution is stepping up to a 32 or 34. Thanks.
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