Hi every body. My wife and I are out at Hidden Falls at this moment. We got here this morning, and will be here tomorrow and head back home Thursday.

I know its no big deal us being out here, but we have the place to our selves! Not anybody out here and we have over 3000 acres of bad ass hills and trails with plenty of mud still from the rains last week.

We have a membership, and since there open Thursday thru Saturday and half a day Sunday, Tuesday is a good time to be out here.

I’m using my IPhone as a hot spot for my lap top. My wife is doing great and its just her first time on the trails and first time in her new 570 Ace. Slow, fast, or anything the Turbo runs perfectly. No hint of over heating but its only 75 degrees in the day time.

I am learning a new respect for the power of the Turbo. I never had it any place I could open it up really. But at 70 mph if I gas it out here it will spin the tires big time and do some sliding, but its fun..

I could see how it could get loose and sideways like that, and that would suck. Possibly cause me to shit my bloomers.:rm_thumbdown:

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