Hey guys, 1st time posting but I have spent some time browsing around for the past few months.

Anyways, I purchased a XP Turbo at the Sand Sports Show a few weeks back and took it out this past weekend to break it in. Within a few minutes of taking off and cruising down a fire road, i was already at 225 degrees. I let it cool down then continued to take it easy getting a feel and all that. The day was cut short due to a family emergency but still put a few miles on the RZR.

After getting home and doing further research, I see the Fan and Clutch Service Bullitens that are out now. From what I am reading on here, it seems like most dealers are requiring the car to go into limp mode before replacing the fan, and there must be clutch wear before the clutch bullient in performed.

Today I spoke with both Polaris (30min hold:rm_thumbdown:) and my dealer about getting this work done under “Goodwill” but was turned down. Polaris said to call the dealer to see if they will do the work, and the dealer said they will not as if there is no wear on the clutch parts and if the car has not gone into limp then I will have to be coming out of pocket for these items as Polaris will not pay them for it. Obviously I do not want that, but if I must I will. (how much are the clutch parts? I am yet to see if for sell)

I will be in Glamis/Dumont 80% of the time Ocotillo/Superstition the remainder so I will be running paddles which will cause the car to run hot from what I have read, and although not the hottest part of the country, SoCal isn’t cool either.

So what I am asking is what are my options? Must I wait and have an issue with these parts first? That seems ridiculous, but it seems like many are getting this same treatment so maybe I should not be surprised. I also know Polaris is dealing all these recalls so they are swamped too. I will buy the parts if I must, but after spending 20k+ you would hope known issues would be addressed.

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