Hi all,

Coming from a 2015 XP1k, I just purchased a new XPT4. I did a bit of research before I bought it and the limited feedback I saw was that it was greatly improved from the 16’s. However now I am noticing that there could be some clutch issues and also some ECU logic that could be a problem.

I read about the one way bearing on the primary, mine shifts OK so I assume my is good (build date is 3/24/17). Is the 17 xpt clutch improved over the 16? Is it alligned correctly, do I shims? Will it last or should it be thrown out?

I am told the ECU has logic to show belt slippage thus resulting in limp mode. true? My solution was to get the Bully Dog GT with a Bikeman tune which would also allow the function of diagnostics so that i am able to reset any codes that would result in limp mode. If I go with a Bikeman level 2 tune, I assume I would need the Bikeman clutch kit also.

Appreciate the Feedback.

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