I drove 2200 miles to Abernathys to buy a new turbo. My 6th purchase from them, and up till this one, it has been great.

The salesman loaded it on my trailer, so my first time driving it was when I got home and went to unload it. It was almost impossible to get in reverse and after backing it off, it won’t go in any gear without turning it off. To stop it, you have to turn off the key as the clutch won’t disengage.

Abernathys tells me take it to a dealer here as it was fine when they drove it. It has 1.7 miles on it. No way did it not do it when they drove it. I’m hard pressed to believe it just developed a problem while being trailered home.

Normally I wouldn’t care, but I spoke to a friend who works at the dealer closest to me, and he said I could expect a three week to three month wait before I’d get it back. Expensive paperweight.

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