Hi, I went on a ride today and notced in idle the clutch and cvt belt to be noisier than usual. I recently replaced the belt with a new one after soaking it in soapy water and doing 50 miles very slowly and at various speeds. I also cleaned off the metal walls inside where the belt goes with Alcohol, but i didnt use a scotch pad on it. Anyway, like i said today when i was having a drink I noticed the noise and also noticed a little squeaking noise when pulling off, but thought this could be due to a shallow river crossing we made. Should i take th ebelt off and clean it and clean all the metal walls with scotch pad etc? Should i scotch pad the walls of the belt? I am not very mechanically minded, but i can handle this.. I just thought I’d get some good advice from expperts like yourselves before I go ahead and take a look inside. Thanks in advance!!! Oh I forgot to say the air entrance at the top got pretty plasterd with mud, would this of blocked cold air flow to the belt and make it heat up? Just an idea..

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