Bottom-line, Polaris has never called the XP Turbo a “1000” in any documentation or advertising. It is a 925cc, so it doesn’t even round-up to a 1000. I know, I know a XP 1000 is 999cc but a) Polaris themselves call it a “1000” and b) 999 rounds up to 1000. The same is true for the old XP 900: it was a 875, but rounds to 900. This is extremely common in powersports. In the case of the XP 1000 or XP 900 Polaris gave them those names, and covered them in stickers proclaiming it.

There are no “1000” stickers on a XPT, Polaris doesn’t call them a “1000” and they’re just not 1000s, period.

A “Turbo 1000” or “XP 1000 Turbo” is a NA-model XP 1000 that has had an aftermarket turbo added, IMHO.


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