Been having a problem with power loss for a while now. When you first step on the throttle everything feels good then all of a sudden its like i lift the throttle then smash it again all the while the peddle is on the floor. I rigged up a temporary boost gauge to see what it looks like. Through the process i’m describing the gauge will hit 16-17psi very briefly then it shoots directly to 30psi which opens the BOV then it drops back to 10psi then will continue the process over and over. Originally i had thought this was a boost control issue. I replaced the 2 tmap sensors and the boost controller and none of this has helped. I’m beginning to think this is a throttle issue because I don’t believe the stock turbo is capable of producing 30psi without the throttle blade closing momentarily? Any input is welcome

I’m running a RVS stg 3 tune and a evo BOV

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