Ok, take it for what it’s worth but my clunk is gone. I am running stock clutches. If you are interested in trying for yourself read on…
About a month ago as I was researching STM clutches I reached out to Adam (airdam) and in his email reply to me he stated that the clunk in the stock secondary was caused but the helix hitting the forward and reverse ramps in the secondary. I was in the process of installing a stiffer secondary spring so I was paying a little closer attention to the inner workings of the secondary and noticed how badly galled the top of the helix and the bottom of the aluminum cover plate was. I decided that since this is a pivot point I would polish up the wear points and apply a very thin film of tacky moly based grease( here’s the point where some eyes are gonna roll) I know the last thing you want is a lubricant in the vicinity of a belt and clutch sheaves which is why it went on very sparingly and any excess was wiped off. I installed the clutch and went for a ride. No clunk at stop lights, no clunk forward to reverse, no clunk at all and it’s been 3 weeks.
Now I’m not talking about the drive train chatter that you get when you slam on the brakes going into a corner hard this is that annoying clunk that I’ve heard for so long every time I get on or off the gas just driving around town or shifting forward to reverse.
So, …..Another crappy Polaris design where a wear plate, thrust bearing or some kind of wear surface should have been incorporated to allow a smooth rotation of components against each other, but I guess they are in business to sell you parts!!!
Anyway I’m looking for validation of my observation against other that hate that clunk too, so let me know what you experience. I’ve already reached out to one of our favorite aftermarket suppliers and bounced the notion around with him to develope a more permanent solution. We will see where it goes!

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