“Vent On”
A little frustrated. Took car in to Ride Later here in Las Vegas for the recalls & the fan. Dropped it off Tuesday morning, was supposed to be done Wednesday. They call today ( Thursday) and tell me that Polaris will not allow them to do the recall on my car due to modifications from stock. Specifically that I have the IMS tank under the seat and that the battery has been relocated. They are telling me that the battery has to be under the seat or its an explosion hazard, therefore they are not allowed to install the turbo drain tube or flash the computer. They will not sell me the updated tube or let me install it myself “for safety reasons” it has to be installed by a Polaris Certified Tech.

Am I being unreasonable?

I get that corporate wants to cover their ass and does not want to be responsible but I am little pissed at the dealer for even bringing it up, and then entering it into the computer to prevent me from going to another dealer out of town. Especially when I told them the battery had been relocated as i dropped off the car. I asked the dealer & later the Polaris rep on the phone, what does the battery location have to do with oil leaking onto the turbo & catching fire? The response was the same from both ” the vehicle has to be in stock configuration for the recalls to be completed”

They installed the fan, and even left the headlight unplugged to show me what a good job a “Polaris Certified Technician” does. They even stamped all the invoices “unsafe to drive” Customer declines recall.
“Vent Off”

I guess now I have to decide if I want the recall done or if I want the extra 5 gallons of fuel under the drivers seat.

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