I want more Power Steering assist for when I’m doing slow speed rock crawling stuff. Since going to 32” tires it doesn’t seem to be enough assist for me anymore with the stock PS unit. ePowersteering has a kit which includes a 700W (stock is 350W) PS motor from a Saturn Vue & Weld-it-yourself steering shafts for around $800. SuperATV has their EZ-Steer kit which includes 400W PS motor & complete bolt-on kit for around $750. The ePowersteering kit has a rheostat dial to adjust the motor current output so that when your moving slow you have more assist and when your at high speeds you’ll want to dial it back to make it harder to turn the wheel and easier to control the vehicle. From what I understand the SuperATV kit uses a speed sensor to automatically adjust the motor output (like the stock system). I like that the SuperATV kit is 100% bolt-on (no welding) and automatically adjusts motor output but don’t like that it’s only 400W. I like that the ePowersteering kit uses a 700W motor but don’t like that I have to manually adjust the motor output and have to weld the shafts myself. The 700W kit also seems to be more reliable from problems I’ve read with SuperATV’s units. Another concern I have with the 700W kit is that they recommend a bigger stator and/or dual batteries because of the massive load that motor can put on the system. Dual barriers is not an issue since I already want to add that.

Here’s my questions:
1. Are there any other PS upgrade kits for the RZR XP Turbo?
2. Is the 400W kit enough to make a big difference, reliable & worth the $?
3. Is the 700W kit too much and will that cause other issues since I have plenty of electrical accessories already & don’t want to upgrade my stator?
4. How hard would it be to make the 700W kit work by sensing speed?

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