I started servicing my 2017 XPT tonight after a trip to Hatfield McCoy. I typically avoid mud like the plague but the trails were an absolute mess! I didn’t go thru any “mud holes” but there was so much trail slop, I was having trouble keeping the frog skins cleaned off during the days (definitely adding extended flares ASAP). Anyways, I pulled the clutch cover to clean and replace the belt and noticed what looks like micro-cracks all the way around the inside primary sheeve. Does this look heat related? 90% of the Hatfield trip was spent in low range and the belt only slipped once while I was climbing back on the trailer to come home (without the ramps)…

Secondly, I also got an CEL for the 1127-1 over or underboost code just as we were getting back to our camp. I pulled out on the road and stepped into the throttle and it instantly went in to the limp mode as the light came on. I’m assuming this was from clogged frog skins also?? I just changed the air filter, it wasn’t dirty but it was distorted. Any idea how to clear the CEL?

The machine has 732 miles, AA Stage 3 tune, AA clutching, 32″ Terrabites.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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