So we took the car to the desert a little over a month ago. First day there the weather was pretty bad. Flash flooding at Jawbone. We were not going to just sit around so we went for a ride. At the end of the ride car started popping real bad. While at Jawbone I tried some spark plugs, checked all connections, checked the filter and frogskins, put a new belt on, removed the tuner (which I knew wasn’t the cause), isolated the dual battery setup, removed power from the computer for 10 minutes.

So the car has been at Polaris for three weeks and they have been trying to fix it.

The car has no check engine light on. Sputters and pops like powers is intermitten when you give it gas. They have replaced the ECM, injectors, plugs and wires. Today they are going to put a 17 clutch and secondary on it. At this point I feel like they are throwing parts at it.

I am getting some anxiety due to a trip planned to Baja a little over a week now. The trip is all paid for and no backing out.

Maybe someone here has had the same issue. I know one guy had a bad fuel pump. They have not checked the fuel pump that I know of. Any other possibilities?

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