So…….. my wife and I decided that we needed another side by side. Our last car was a YXZ 1000 and it was fun. I’m a truck driver for a living and I shift enough gears every day. Shifting the yammy got old real fast, so I lost interest and sold it.

I initially wanted the Can Am X3. My buddy has one and it’s a nice car. But the price put it out of my range. I really didn’t want to finance another toy. So then we started looking at Polaris for what would be our 3rd Polaris purchase. We had a 2008 rzr, and then a 2014 XP 1000.

I ended up with a ghost gray 2018 2 seat turbo. All I can really say is wow. We picked it up Sunday and I still can’t get the smile off my face. From power delivery, to handling, and suspension im so impressed with this car. It bucks a lot in big whoops, but in the overall ride and handling it puts the 2014 to shame, even after a trip to shock therapy with that car. I think this car will eventually be patient of shock therapy also, but I’m not in a hurry. I feel planted, and totally in control of the turbo. It cost me a lot of money to have that feeling in my 2014.

With the sale of the car, I got $1000 in free Polaris parts. I got lower doors, a roof, and popo door bags. I’m so happy with this car.

Future mods I’m looking into are…….

Wheels and tires. Really want the Maxxis liberty on fuel wheels.


5” Cage drop down kit, if I can find it again!

Lighting, front lights, rear chase, rock lights, etc.

Seats and click 6 belts.

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