Alright guys! Picked up my 17 XPT on Wednesday and managed to get a little seat time in around the house/parent’s property. Let me start by saying I am so very HAPPY with my purchase.

My first XP1000 was a 2014 and it was a final build before all the changes occurred in the 15s. The thing was stout, never had an issue with it and always met my expectations. The problem was it quickly lost its… appeal when all my buddies bought the 16 Turbos. Power really seemed lacking after riding/racing around with them, as did the shocks. So, it was time to get her sold.

Now, there are a few things that really stuck out when I first walked up to my new Turbo. The fenders seemed to sit almost 2 inches higher than my XP1K. Certainly more robust shocks/spring setup, also the digital gauge cluster made a huge difference. Easier readouts. The only thing I wish they did was make the back-lighting blue, to match the interior glow light. The seats also… feels like they made the stock seats more “plush” same material, but much softer foam. We’ll see how that wears over time, but it was nice to sit in. Lastly, and kind of trivial but the steering wheel was thicker/softer. Still not on par with a quick-disconnect wheel, but it is nicer than the old flimsy one.

Once home I let her idle for a minute or two to get the temp up some and it certainly seems a LOT quieter at idle, not sure if its because the motor is a little smaller than the XP1000 or a if it’s because of all the fireproof baffling they put around the motor, but it is nice. WOT is obviously no different, but that deep pitch thump from this motor is enjoyable.

The first ride through the field was eye-opening. The power was incredible, just what I wanted and the turbo seemed very linear, like it pulled all the way through the power band. I pushed her up to 65 before backing off since I am still in break-in period, making sure to adjust my throttle position and stay away from WOT.

Suspension… from the little whoop and ditch that was available near me, it stayed very planted. ALOT less body roll and I am sure that is from the front sway bar. This thing soaked up the little ditch with ease.

Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and really looking forward to this summer.

One question though… what are you guys running for settings on the stock XPT Shocks? 15 clicks rear and 12 front? Thanks.

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