Okay, this build is actually for my better-half. And I really, really, really will try to keep from breaking all of my stuff all the time and running her RZR like happened with our 2016 Turbo, lol.

Why a Fox? Well, we were never even interested in the Dynamix. I don’t like when a car is trying to do “too much” and is changing on you as you drive it.. My Z06 had “Active Handling” and I turned ALL of that off anytime I drove it. If you’re a driver and you’re making a correction, then the car is correcting too you end up with a “double” correction. Well the same seems to be kind of the case with the Dynamix. I know a very, very skilled duner who had a Dynamix on an extended test in Glamis. He’s had a rail, sand jeeps, a million bikes/3-wheelers/quads and even a RZR for a few years so he’s not a n00b. He said he hated the Dynamix and rolled it the first day. So we landed on the Fox Edition, it helps that she really likes the Matte Red color (once we take the stickers off – all of the orange and stuff is in the stickers, it’ll just be Matte Red w/o them).

So, what’s the “build” plan?

I got her all the Rugged stuff for her BDay back in Dec when Rugged had 30% off on the radio setup and 20% on the pumper, so that was a score! We got the Ride Command stuff through our buddy that works at the Polaris dealer, so we saved a bit vs. the online prices too.

For the tune I decided to go back to Evo. I had their tune originally on our 2016 XPT and it ran great with zero issues. When I started messing with changing my tune all the time and pushing bigger boost w/ race gas is when it started getting unreliable and throwing codes and crap. Granted, most of the issue was a boost leak and a bad spark plug, but still for Melissa’s car I’m going with proven and simple. I went for the option to include a whole extra ECU, so if it does act up we have the 100% untouched factory ECU ready to go in.

Here’s what the seat design looks like:

If you want to follow-along with all of the build, check it out the in-depth build thread.

We’ve already got a ton done, but still plenty more to do:


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