Well the story I’m told by my “we make you pay” dealer Alamo Cycle Plex here in San Antonio, is Tuesday “tomorrow” my long awaited 2017 Turbo RZR will be ready to go.

I of course wont hold my breath and wait! Saturday, when it was to be completed with the accessories and all to the tune of $1,200 labor to install $2,500 worth of goodies, naturally the guy putting it together didn’t show up for work.

So that’s why Tuesday is new big day I’m to believe. Now they have the winch installed but not wired up. The dash board is off and sitting to the side and the front clip is off all for the winch install. But I’m sure glad I had them install it!

So it needs to have the winch wired up and the light bar mounted and wired up.
Then it gets a red aluminum roof, nice rear view mirror, and the little shorty windshield. And the front and rear full guards need to be bolted on but that’s something even an dumb ass like me can do quickly.

Oh ya a set of red LEDS for the under the wheel wells go on there too. You all reckon that a supposedly knowledgeable Polaris mechanic in a full shop with everything you could possibly want or need might be able to pull this off in less than a full day?

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