So I won’t be making A trip in the rzr this weekend it sounds like and not sure when I will be back in the rzr anytime soon either. Just called dealer and they are now telling me that the dealer in Ohio that did my recall for the turbo drain line did not complete it correctly. So now this dealer has to contact Polaris to get authorization to re accomplish it so they get paid for it. They won’t let me take my rzr back either unless I sign a waiver so Polaris won’t be responsible for it if it catches on fire etc. I am so pissed cause I know that dam thing will be sitting there forever. I got shit I need to put on it too plus it would be nice to drive the dam thing. Looks like I will be in my jeep Sunday. FML.
So I just stopped in and talked to them and they said so far they can tell that some bolts were not replaced in place of great plastic fasteners and paint was not put in the correct spot on what bolts and bracket for markings to tell if they come loose. Also, no decals were installed after recall. This makes them wonder if the rest of the recall was actually accomplished. They have all my service advisorys done clutch, intake bezels and larger fan. Thankful for that. Just upsets me that the other dealer half assed the recall and is holding me up right now. Thankful for this dealer catching in case of something serious and hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.
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