Looking for any help with getting tempatures down on my 2016 turbo rzr. This thing has got hot since I bought it. Here is what I did so far first was a reflash from evo. That didn’t do it. I then did a high boost turbo kit from Packard which was supposed to lower intake tempatures and help with how hot it’s getting no luck! Did reflex fan seperator kit and that didn’t do the trick either. Put a new thermostat in in just to make sure that it wasn’t the problem and at the same time did a coolant flush and mixed the coolant at 25% antifreeze and 75% distilled water and a bottle of water wetter. That being said what do I need to do to get tempatures down? Does relocating the intercooler out from in front of the radiator work? Installing a bigger radiator that holds more coolant? Installing an external oil cooler?
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