I wondered why no one had installed a full VW bug body on the RZR turbo for the first STREET LEGAL RZR turbo! So I did…..and it came out beautifully…..in only 5 months start to finish. Didn’t really sacrifice anything either. Still 18” wheel travel, great handling etc….but with heater, defroster, vent fans, wipers, doors windows, wing windows, racing seats/belts, etc. Interior trim finished out just like a VW. Licensed as 1972 VW bug with 5 yr Collector Plates, VIN showing in windshield, insured, etc. “It’s just a Volkswagen officer…”

Check out how it does in the rock here:

Attachment 347489

Attachment 347497

Attachment 347505

Attachment 347513

Here’s how it went together. Just drop it on….took 10 minutes…nuttin to it. :0)

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