So I would like to know what you guys are sitting at unloaded .. AFTER have set up the car ride height with your average weight while riding

I have a 2018 XPT 2 seat not super heavy but it does have a aftermarket cage and some other small bits . I have 30 inch tires …and loaded I am at 14.0 front and 13.5 rear ….UNLOADED I am at 16.0 front and 14.5 rear …the set up seems good but I would like to hear from others that fell they have a good ride height set up

so here are my questions or parameters

your Tire size …..= ?
average weight of you and passenger …..= ?
loaded measurements ……= ?
unloaded measurements ……..= ?

Also I would like to her any other details that would be relevant such as after market shocks …or if it is a 2 set or 4 seater ?

I think this could become a valuable thread for many people


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