So I went to St. Anthony’s for the first time and my RZR seemed under-powered. I’ve got a 2016 XPT w/ Evo Stage 3 tune, Evo BOV, Evo magnum exhaust, Evo clutch kit, 30″ skat trak 9paddle extremes on method 14×8 beadlocks and smooth buff fronts on 14×10 method beadlocks. I’m more used to Glamis and it handles everything out there with ease. I understand the elevation may rob some power on St. Anthony’s and the size of the dunes are quite bigger but Something still doesn’t seem right. I’ve seen a video of a stock RZR XPT jumping off choke cherry yet I can just barely make it up. I made a few attempts and couldn’t quite get over the top (in 4WD with no one in passenger seat), then I took the cooler out of the back and it went up finally but just barely and definitely not straight up. And I couldn’t possibly have gotten a bigger run at it. I’m sure I’ve added some extra weight with the aftermarket cage but still. I’ve seen stock 4seat XPT’s fly up choke cherry with ease. I didn’t think anything was wrong with my setup til going to St. Anthony’s. Why do all these stock machines have more power than my RZR with Stage 3?

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