Hi all! New to the forum but have been lurking in the background for a little while.
I’ve done a lot of searching and have found a few bits of info but haven’t found a whole lot of specific info on the topic.

A little background…
I go to Taylor Park/Pitkin area fairly frequently with friends and family, so riding at the 9500’+ range is not uncommon. Up to this point, I’ve always taken my quad (2011 arctic cat 700 mudpro) and have had no problems. But I’m about to finally take the plunge and get a 2018 RZR. About every 5 minutes I go back and forth between the XP and the XP Turbo. Right now I’m looking more at the turbo. So that is what brings me to my question…

I know there were issues with the 2016 turbo’s overheating and I know that was supposedly remedied with the 2017 and 2018 models. I’ve seen plenty of posts talking about this in the sand dunes of Glamis etc and most everyone has not had issues. But i’m interested in hearing about riding in the mountains. Riding at elevation and riding slow at times. Has anyone had issues with overheating?
I want the turbo as it will obviously compensate much better for the elevation change but don’t want it if it will have any tendency to overheat.
From what little I’ve been able to actually find, it sounds like it will do great and won’t have issues, but I haven’t seen this direct question and/or any specific replies.

Thanks for the help!

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