This past weekend I rode at Dumont. My car just hit 950 miles that’s dune miles…. I was trailing up Comp Hill about 3/4 throttle and when I got near the top I had a huge power loss. After this happened I smelt burning belt. I opened up the clutch cover an inspected the belt. The belt was fine?? So I blew out all the metal dust an put a new belt on the clutch. After that The car ran great for about 1 day. Then I had another episode on our last ride of the trip. Going up another large dune and again the clutch had a huge loss in power. It almost feels or sounds like I blew the belt… This time I had my rpm meter on, and what I saw was RPMs climbing the dune where close to 5000-7000 RPM, an then when the clutch power dropped the rpm went up to 8000-9000. It feels like when the primary clutch is engaging but it’s not engaging completely and that’s why I’m smelling burning belt? I examined the primary clutch and did notice some scoring on it. Take a look. I’m guessing my primary clutch needs shims?? But want to make sure I don’t have any issue with the Secondary???
Let me know your thoughts
Thanks chad

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