I recently bought the SLP primary clutch taper holding tool kit to try it on my XPT. SLP doesn’t list it as working on an XPT. Instead they have the other clutch holding tool (big piece of aluminum that holds the fins on bottom of clutch). They list the taper holding tool as for an XP900. But I tried it on my primary and it worked perfectly! Held clutch rock solid in place in the vise. Only thing I had to do was add a spacer to the bolt it comes with. If you don’t use a spacer the head of the bolt goes down passed the top of spider nut (so you can’t get a socket on the bolt). One little spacer fixed that. This seems like a much better method of holding the clutch and the tool costs a little less and easier to pack with you since it’s pretty small.

Just wanted to let everyone know…Incase you need it. I needed it to swap out my spider.

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