Well I finally was able to pull my primary for the first time to check the infamous 3 bolts known for working loose and damaging the clutches. I had made several attempts using all known methods and failed to get the primary off. This time I used the hydraulic method by filling the hole with water and then using the pulling tool with a large amount of teflon tape on it. It still took a good bit of force but it finally popped off! I was relieved to find the 3 bolts all in place, but shocked to find 2 of the 3 only finger tight! Only one both had a tiny trace of thread locker on it. I posted this in a new thread to not only remind those that haven’t, to check these bolts, but to also show some pictures of what I did to get the stuck primary off. I will feel much better on rides going forward!
First you need a good way to tilt the RZR on its side.

After removing the primary bolt fill the hole with water.

Put a thick tapered layer of teflon tape on the puller.

I still had to use a 3′ pull handle on my puller but it worked this time with the hydraulic pressure created.

The puller shows how hard I had tried to get the primary off in previous attempts.

Here are the 3 bolts we are talking about, look tight but I took 2 out with my fingers!

Put this stuff on them after cleaning them and happy trails!

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