For those who do not know, Polaris changed the entire clutch cover and duct for the Turbo S. They did not change the standard 2018 model. The first visible difference when you compare the two models side by side, is the location of the clutch intake hose. On a standard XPT, it goes towards the top in the center. On the Turbo S, it goes directly to the middle of the secondary, just like the 2015+ XP1K.

The RS1 uses the same inner and outer cover as the XPTS btw, with just a different intake hose.

In order to use the new hose and the new outer clutch cover, you HAVE to swap the inner clutch cover as well.

I have already done the conversion on my 2017 XPT. It fit fine with Fox RC2 shocks and LSR long travel. I will mock the hose up against a stock XPT whenever one shows up in the shop.

Here are some photos of the inner housings side by side.

You will notice some HUGE changes. First, they did away with the 3 bolts behind the primary. Apparently Polaris realized they were backing out and killing clutches.

Next, they changed the path the air flowed. Before, air would come in the top center, go down a channel, split, and come out behind the two clutches. Then it would rotate around, and exit out the top rear.

Now, it comes in the center directly in front of the secondary, flows around, then goes out the same area as before, but with a slightly larger exhaust hole.

The REALLY interesting part, is that there are still channels behind the clutches, and there is a huge hole on top of the housing. Polaris blocks this off with a big piece of rubber on the current XPTS, held down by an aluminum trim ring. They list it as an inlet, but it is currently blocked off on all XPTS models. I assume it is engineered for something to come in the future. It is also blocked off on the RS1, and these are currently the only two models that come with this exact inner cover.

More photos of the two sections here:



For those interested in doing the conversion, you need the following parts:

2637068 ASM-COVER,CLUTCH,OUTER incl 2-3
7518656 SCR-TXPH-M6X1.0X15 GR5 ZOD NYL(need 9 of these)
5415647 O-RING(this is same as before)
5416417 O-RING-2.25X2.625X.21,FKM(this is a different size/style than before)

Installation process is about the same as before, just make sure to mount the inlet cover and the exhaust duct prior to installing the inner machined cover. Follow the standard procedure for torquing the bolts and aligning, just skipping step 1 since those bolts no longer exist.

For those curious, the XPTS uses the same engine as the standard 2018 XPT, so Polaris just decided to not use the 3 small bolts. You could in theory just remove them from an older machine, as Polaris has decided they are no longer necessary.

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