New RZR owner here. I honestly have no idea why we waited so long to purchase a RZR, I am going to have a hard time going back to a quad, trike, or bike!! I am going to use this thread to post our adventures with the car, and any/all mods we do to it :popcorn:

First up, it’s a 2012 model Robby Gordon edition. When we picked it up it had about 1280 miles/74 hours on it, one owner and was well cared for. I don’t know what most of the differences are other than it has a Fox shock package, EPS, and a different trim scheme. Can someone fill me in on the differences between the standard models and the RG model? I was told to go for the RG edition over the stock model and that’s what we did.

The car has ProArmor doors and bumpers, Bi-Xenon HID headlamps, a Big Gun exhaust system with a DMC fuel controller, lighted whip, plastic roof, windshield, Beard Seats 5 point harnesses for the front, and the PO was nice enough to toss in a full set of sand tires/wheels for it (paddles and ribs). It was mentioned somewhere around here (probably more times than can count) that these are basically just starter kits as they come and you make it how you want it. I intend to do exactly that.

Tonight I received my 12″ combo light bar that I slapped onto the front.

Just about doubles the light output, high beam with the headlights is great now since there’s fill light everywhere. There are 2, 4″ HID spots coming in the mail still that I am going to install- when they will get here is anybodies guess, I was told by tomorrow originally but the tracking says otherwise (Friday). UTV INC lower a-pillar brackets are coming for the HID’s on Wednesday. If everything gets here before wednesday then it’s going to be a mad dash to fit everything before we haul out to Ocotillo Wells on Thursday morning.

We’ll be out at Ocotillo all day Thursday and most of Friday, before we load up and haul out to Yuma for more family/offroad time šŸ™‚

I have a feeling it won’t be long until I own a 1000…. This one will be great for the whole family but when me and the chick want to venture off a 1000 might be better suited :ride:

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