Hey guys, back in a RZR again after selling my 2012 RZR 570 to purchase a house. I picked up a 2009 RZR S 800 from a customer where I work (I’m a Master Tech at a Polaris dealer) after he brought it in with major issues and decided the repairs weren’t worth it. The engine threw a rod so hard that it sawed both the engine AND transmission clean through. I offered to buy it from him and cover the cost of teardown and we came to an agreement and I now own another RZR!

It’s a 2009 RZR S 800. It sits 66″ wide with the wheels shown on it. It has a roof, half windshield, canvas rear panel, pretty nice homemade half doors, front brush guard, Super ATV arched front and rear A-Arms, brand new Alloy Motorsport wheels and 28″ ITP Mega Mayhem tires, and a Yoshi pipe. I’m not a big fan of the aftermarket parts, but it is there and I have it and lets me ride so it will stay for now. I have the stock pipe which will be going back on if I ever need to remove the bed again.

Here it is immediately after purchase. You may be able to spot the already disassembled engine on the bench behind it.

I didn’t really take any failure pics even though I should have. Oh well, on to shiny new stuff!

OEM Crankcase

HotRods crankshaft

Lower end assembled. Cylinder Works jugs and Namura coated pistons. Also went with the thinner headgasket and latest HO camshaft kit.

Head was gone through with freshened up seats and new seals.

Going in!

Here you can see the new outer bearing support cover on the transmission. The guts ended up being savable, but I did have to helicoil several bolt holes on the main case itself, due to them being ripped clean out of the case when the rod took out the cover! I also replaced all of the bearings in that half.

Fast forward just a little, everything is in, running, and the machine is cleaned up!

And here it is back at home

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