So here’s my buggy, if you read my first post on the forum you’ll know that it is a 16’ 1000 xp. But yes, my buggy is the one in all but 1 picture, the blue one. I bought it off of a guy that had just bought a brand new 18’ turbo. He appraently liked the grey plastic better, so long story short he swapped out all the plastic, the seats, and the shocks so that everything would match his gray and lime squeeze scheme. So yea basically I made out like a fat rat: not to mention the guy kept this thing in show room floor shape. I think the lime squeeze and blue go together pretty sweet honestly. I’ve already installed the light bar, rock lights, and a home made windshield for the time being. Actually should be getting my lower doors, pro armour harnesses, and a soft top roof in the mail this Wednesday so I’ll keep the pictures updated. I’m also going to meet with a fab guy this weekend to see about having bumpers and tree kickers custom made, so I’m pretty excited about the end result with this thing! Thanks for looking 🤙🏻

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