I recently bought the 3+ kit to put on my ‘17 Trails & Rocks Gold LE 2 seat. I noticed the instructions are a little unclear for the rear Walker Evans piggy back shocks and the level 3 & level 4 instructions do not match for the preload and crossover settings on the front WE shocks.

On the rear, it isn’t very clear where to measure from for the preload and crossover. Pictures show a remote reservoir and measure from the hose. The piggyback shocks have no hose, they have a 1” thick billet mount for the piggyback and a 1/4” thick spinner nut under it… where do you measrure pre-load and crossover from? Also- would this make the numbers different than the remote reservoir shock?

On the front, the level 4 kit and level 3 kit should be the same (the level 4 kit included the part numbers for the springs with my kit). The level 4 instructions shows front pre-load at 2.25 and crossover at 5.25. The level 3 kit shows the front pre-load at 1” and crossover at 5.5”. Now the crossover being off by 1/4” isn’t a show stopper, but the 1”+ difference in pre-load is an issue. Where does the pre-load need to be? Did I miss something in the instructions?

Thanks in advance for any help…

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